Stranger within Me

There is a stranger that lives within me, and I can’t get her to leave.  She preys on my emotions, and she takes over my mind, body and soul leaving me struggling for control.  My days are extremely long, and my nights are even longer, Lord when will I get some peace just make me stronger.  To some I come across combative and angry, others say I am cold and cunning — I don’t know why I am just trying to be me. This battle has gone on so long, I have lost the sense of myself,  I often have to pray just to figure out what’s left. For those of you who have close encounters with me on a daily basis let me apologize in advance for the person that shows up but is not really me.  I ask that you take in consideration that most of my negative reactions are evidence of my subliminal struggle to adjust to the visitor that has taken residence within me.  Now, that I am addressing her, I can feel the pressure slowly release, yes I am searching and will conquer the soul that is truly me.  Once I find her someone must leave, and it definitely will not be me.

 This message is my eviction notice to this unwanted tenant who has been in control for a long time now.  I refuse to be unhappy and no longer want to be cold, just want to be happy filled with positivity and peace-with this message I release the stranger within me.




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