Why is it when we are blessed to come from a family that truly love us and care about our well-being, we rebel, and instead of embracing the love, and understanding the genuine concern, we complain and end up turning to people who could really careless.  We allow hormones and the need of acceptance of another (man or woman), to control our actions and we don’t realize it because of the negative emotions that have been built toward your family.

I encounter many people, and observed their family make up, and I am here to tell you having a family that loves you and really give a damn about you is priceless but you will not believe it until you don’t have it anymore.  We must remember that love come and go, but family love continues to grow. When you have or have not, when you sick or healthy family will be there unconditionally accepting you flaws and all {yes, we all have flaws no one is perfect}. So if you have FAMILY LOVE in your life, thank GOD daily because in this day and time family love is a rare commodity.   And now that people are getting older and dying off, and this world is getting wickeder, we may not have much longer to enjoy this love as we have come to know it.  I BEG YOU to tell your family you love them, give thanks for the people who has been there for you, because believe me someone has been there for you, if not, you would not be where you are today.  Stop walking around your family with your eyes slanted, we must stop taking family love for granted.

“Family Love may appear small & worthless while you are on the receiving end, but lose it, and you will learn at once, how big and precious it is……



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