Reality TV–Deal or no Deal !!

Since we are experiencing a major influx of “Reality TV shows”, I often follow stars of the shows on twitter just to see what they are talking about or what they are doing. What I am finding is that most of these reality shows are just one big marketing scheme. Almost all of the people on these shows have a product they are trying to sell or as result of being on TV develop a product. What is so amazing to me is how people are really buying these products or supporting the madness, but many of you would not support people in your own hometown or family who is trying to sell a product that may be of better quality, or condone bad behavior.  Well, why would you promote the behavior of some of these people on “Reality TV shows” and make them rich? My thought is since people are quick to buy all these t-shirts, lip gloss, clothing, and books, I challenge you to try and push your product on some of these reality stars and see if they will return the favor and support you or buy your product. People often have to beg just to get a response to their tweet, but they surely do not have to beg to get you to buy their product, or come and support them at an event, or download their song from iTunes or buy their sex toys. If everyone would require “Reality TV” stars to give what they are getting, then everyone could have a shot at success.

THINK ABOUT IT!! You have bought several items from a popular “Reality TV” star, now ask that person to just mention something you are selling in their blog or twitter, and see if they will do it.. I am willing to bet you they will not, in fact they probably will not respond to your request, that’s just how much they appreciate your support. One sure way people can achieve success is if the ones who have already “made it” pay it forward and give back what they have been given.

You will not have to beg for a “re-tweet” or “Shot out” if you stop supporting what they are trying to sell or promote. If everyone would stop buying their products going to clubs to see them when they come to your town, stop downloading their songs from iTunes you would not have to beg they would be more than happy to oblige you because they are trying to get your business…

CHALLENGE: Please request a “Reality TV” star to just mention your product in their blog, consider this your barter. After making this proposal then come back to my blog and share your experience let everyone know if it was a DEAL OR NO DEAL..